Quick Guide & Resources For Parents

What age children do you accept in Ecole Cherrywood?

We accept children 1 through 11 years of age.

How often must Learning resources fees be paid?

Learning resources fees are due annually – every September.

Appearance not only expresses attitude and personality, but also influences behavior. Ecole Cherrywood dress code expresses a positive, serious attitude that indicates readiness to learn. It teaches principles of appropriate dress and behavior.

Listed below is acceptable and unacceptable attire. Please read carefully. If a child’s clothing does not comply with the dress code, a parent or guardian may be contacted.

Acceptable School Uniform Includes:

  • [Colors: Grey, Blue, White and Red]
  • Shirts or blouses [MUST have a collar and be tucked in.]
  • Boys (Early Years/Key Stage 1-2) – Blue Shirt / Grey short
  • Girls (Early Years) – Blue Perter Pan Blouse / Grey Pinafore
  • Girls ( Key Stage 1-2 ) – Blue Peter Pan Blouse / Grey Skirt
  • Sports Wear – White T-Shirt / Blue Sports Short
  • Sweater – Grey Long Sleeve
  • On Fridays, students are allowed to wear a “Red T-Shirt” with Blue denim Trousers or shorts.
  • Uniforms must be bought from the schools official supplier.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our dress code, please contact us for assistance.

Document Downloads

Since searching through a website for important documents can be very time-consuming, for your convenience we have posted all printable information here so it can be filled in, downloaded, printed, faxed or emailed.

Our forms and documentation utilize the Adobe PDF file format. If you do not have Adobe Reader or your current Adobe Reader needs to be updated, please download the latest version by clicking here.


A parent’s homework has never been easier! Now you can view, fill out, print and save all of our forms (unless noted otherwise).

  • Admission Information
  • Physical Exam
  • This form MUST be filled out and signed by a physician.
  • Medical History
  • Prospectus
  • Holiday Club Registration form

Home Work Guideline for Parents


  • Set aside a quiet regular time.
  • The child should be sitting comfortably at a table.
  • Homework time should include time for oral as well as written work.
  • Oral work, particularly in the early stages of schooling, can consolidate that which is learned through English.
  • Encourage your child to keep books and copies clean and tidy.
  • If your child is working independently be available to help and show an interest in what is being done.
  • Praise your child’s efforts at every opportunity.
  • If working with your child you feel yourself becoming impatient you should stop.
  • Don’t bully or threaten as this will only have a negative effect.
  • If your child is persistently having problems with homework contact the teacher and discuss the difficulties.
  • If, for any reason, homework cannot be done let the teacher know.
  • Much debate has taken place in recent years on the effects of television/play stations etc. on young children.
  • Parents are often concerned about how much viewing time should be allowed.
  • The reality is that most children watch TV or play computer games and, in moderation, this is not a bad thing.
  • Children can learn a great deal and language can be enhanced through television.
  • Don’t allow them to watch unsuitable material.
  • Children in senior classes should be aware of what is going on in the world so encourage them to watch and talk about news items.
  • This will add to their general knowledge and command of language.
  • Do not allow children to watch television while doing homework.

SCHOOL CALENDAR-1st Term, 2016/2017 session

Monday 5th September – Staff Resumption

7th & 8th September – Staff Training

Wednesday 14th September – Student Resumption

Saturday 24th September – Music Academy resumes

Wednesday 28th September – Extra-Curricular begins

Friday 30th September – Independence/cultural day celebration (In house/Special)

Monday 17th – 20th October – Assessment

Friday 21st October – Open day

Monday 24th -28th October – Midterm

Friday 25th November – Extra-Curricular ends

Thursday 1st – 7th December – End of term examination

Saturday 10th December – Christmas/End of term show/Closing day

Wednesday 14th December – Collection of result

Monday 9th January 2017 – Staff resumption

Monday 16th January 2017 – 2nd term commences

Please note that if there are going to be changes to this schedule or any un-introduced activity, you would be duly informed.